Back Niners

The Back Niners group is built around those of retirement age or close to retirement age. That being said we often encourage anyone “who doesn’t require a permission slip” to participate in our activities. Throughout the year we mix our once-a-month activities with trips to places of interest and inside activities.  Over the past few years we have traveled to a number of local and regional museums. Recently we have had day trips which included the Columbia Gorge, Mt Angel and riding the Amtrack into Portland. We generally meet on the second Tuesday of the month.  There are exceptions when something is available at a low or no cost and is not open on Tuesday.  The times for our activities generally start at 10:00AM and conclude around 2:00PM. The only cost is a donation of 2 - 3 dollars per person to cover the cost of fuel if we travel by the church van.  If there is an admission charge we will advise well in advance of the activity.  Inside activities (at the church) have included such events as Movie Days.  “Movies from Yesterday” is the theme and sharing our hobbies and crafts to mention a few.  

Questions? Contact Larry or Vernielle M. (503) 312-3188