From Created to Creating

Reading Genesis 1-2

    I have a secret ambition to become a fantastic knitter. In my head, I am going to start an Etsy store that sells hand-knitted Harry Potter works of art and I will call it SPEW. And it will be glorious.

    Or it would be if I could ever improve on my knitting, because believe me, no one is paying for what I make now. Knitting is one of those rare things that I enjoy doing, even though I am awful at it because I get to watch my hands create something. Even though the scarf is lopsided and a really ugly color because I bought the yarn on sale (see, even I won’t spend too much money on my own knitting), the fact that the scarf exists where there was once just a chunky ball of string means that I moved, that I acted as a force in the world. I made a difference. Even if that difference is a barf-brown neck hanging.

    Creating something takes intention, it takes commitment. It takes time, tears, callouses, and sacrifice. That’s why I like knitting, my sacrifice and commitment are pretty limited and no one judges me for it, no one suffers because the scarf I made is unwearable. The bigger our goals, the harder it is to continue to work diligently, with intention and commitment.

    The first thing we learn about Yahweh is that he made the earth, every little bit of it. He made the universe! He created the laws of gravity and wisdom, mathematics and ecosystems.

    He created photosynthesis and pollination. He created cells, atoms, matter, energy. With his voice! And I was impressed that Ariel made a man fall in love with her by using only her voice.

    Creating life is a mega commitment. God created every kind of plant, made each kind able to reproduce, to thrive in its assigned environment. God made animals with social structures and hierarchies. The creation act alone ensure that Yahweh is worthy of our worship.

    “And it was good.” Oft repeated throughout Genesis’ description of how we all came to be here. How often have you made something, poured your soul into it and been able to describe your end product as good? I hope you have known that feeling at least once because that ability to celebrate the triumph of making something and making it well is directly inherited from the Father.

    A friend was recently telling me that she had been in a funk. Her husband’s response has really stuck with me. He said, “You’re a creative person, and you haven’t been doing anything new lately. Go make something.”

    Reading through Genesis 1 and 2 awes me. It inspires me. God would never drop a stitch and shrug it off. Creating is a commitment, a movement toward relationship. Yahweh spoke into existence every speck of stardust because somehow it added to this creation, to this planet where mankind would dwell. That is beauty, that is good, and that is love.

    When Yahweh made Adam, He set aside humanity as something special and different from the rest of creation. Formed from the earth instead of spoken into existence. Adam was given life directly through God’s own breath. There is this sense that Yahweh was much more involved, much more committed, much more hands-on when humanity was formed.

    This story was intended to teach of our origins, to remind us that Yahweh is Creator and we are the created. This story is about how this wonderful, complicated place was made to support people. People were created to have a special, complicated relationship with God. Yahweh set us apart from the rest of creation to have a special relationship, like that of a father and child. He created us, humanity, because he loved.

    And that is what we aspire to when we create. As believers, our goal is not perfection; it is a good creation that moves us toward relationship. Christian art has the reputation of leaning in the direction of all that is cheesy and trite. That is heartbreaking. Disgusting, really, because that is not a true reflection of our Creator.

    As they say, "No one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something". My hope is that as you study Genesis 1-2, you catch a glimpse of who God is. My hope is that as you study Yahweh the Creator, you begin to look like Yahweh the Creator, that you begin to reflect the love and intention and commitment that creating takes. My hope is that you go, and make something good.